302 Botkin
Attica, KS 67009
(620) 254.7802

Sunday School 10:00 AM
Morning Worship 11:00 AM
Evening Worship 5:00 PM

Midweek Service 7:00 PM

Where the Focus is
on the Word of God



The church is the pillar and ground of Truth. The Bible is the only absolute Truth. The preaching of the Word of God is to them that perish foolishness but it is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe. Without preaching the world is lost. Without preaching the saints will not grow. Preaching is the avenue by which faith is produced. Because of all these things we major on sound Biblical preaching from the KJ Bible.


We believe that music is a powerful tool and that it should be used to glorify God. At each services we attempt to have inspiring music through congregational singing and specials and to recognize that God is our Audience.

Worldwide Missions
We are committed to fulfilling the command of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. We do this through support of our missionaries throughout the world and in our own country through evangelism and church planting.

Children’s Ministries
Children are a gift from the LORD and dear to the hearts of their parents. They are the future of our nation and the future of the church. We have a committed teaching staff that loves to impart biblical truths on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday nights to nurture them. The church does not replace the home but reinforces what they are taught in the home.


A much needed and appreciated ministry. We provide nursery for every service.

Ladies Meetings

We have monthly meetings to encourage and strengthen the lives of our ladies in the church.

One on One Discipleship

Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples. That is not only leading people to Salvation but continuing to meet with them to establish them in the faith.


The world we live in is very persuasive and dark. The devil is out to ruin our young people through T.V. and vulgar video games and Pornography... And we cant let that happen. We believe that a teenager is able to serve God and have a place in the church so we involve teens in the service and we teach and preach Bible truths to our teens every Sunday during Sunday School and give them a special place in the auditorium during the main service so they can also hear the Truth and grow in grace.


We understand that all ages need encouragement and fellowship. There is a monthly meeting that focuses on the seasoned saints.