302 Botkin
Attica, KS 67009
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Sunday School 10:00 AM
Morning Worship 11:00 AM
Evening Worship 5:00 PM

Midweek Service 7:00 PM

Where the Focus is
on the Word of God

What to Expect

At Faith Baptist Church we understand that everyone has room to grow. Therefore we strive to meet people where they are and help them to get where God wants them to be. We sing godly hymns and spiritual songs and love to make a joyful noise to our Lord. In every service we attempt to honor God's Word and be a light and encouragement for all who come in.

It has been said,   As goes the family so goes the church,  and as goes the church, so goes the nation.

But I wonder if that statement could be reconfigured this way,     As goes the church, so goes the family,  and as goes the family, so goes the nation.

In these last days,  the emphasis on Church attendance and the preaching of God's Word has been greatly attacked and diminished.   

We believe that the family is God's institution, and that it's structure is God ordained an explained in his Word;  and that it is vital for the parents to train up a child in the way that he should go.      Churches do not raise children any more than the government raises children!     Child rearing is given to the parents!      A godly Family is very important!

But what keeps the family on the narrow way and established in the faith and alerted to false doctrine and attacks of the culture?

If you say,    "a personal walk with Jesus"   you are absolutely right!      Nothing can take the place of your daily walk with the Lord!    It is vital to meet with Him in personal worship and prayer and meditation of His Word.

But we also understand the importance of the Church.    The Bible says that Christ loved the church and gave himself for it

...Sounds pretty important!

Nothing can take the place of a personal walk with Christ,  but the same should be said about faithful assembly with the body of Christ.

Psalm 73 proves what faithful attendance to God's House can do for your heart.

The local Church is not a social club that only a certain class of people are allowed to attend if they pay their dues.   The Church is made up of born again believers called the body of Christ who assemble in one place at one time to worship the Lord and hear the Word of God.  You don't have to be a certain class or color to be a member of a Church - you just need to be born again and scripturally baptized!

Furthermore, we believe that the Preaching of God's eternal Word in his Church is still of the utmost importance.   It is the Word of God that has the power to free a sinner from the bondage of Sin and save their soul!    And it is the Word of God that has the power to renew the mind of a saint and conform him into the image of Christ.    I have heard it said this way,    "Preaching is the engine that drives the train."

So, when you come to Faith Baptist Church in Attica you can expect to be loved for who you are, right where you are.     And you can also expect to see someone behind a pulpit holding the Word of God and preaching the Old Paths of Holiness.

We believe that an emphasis on the Spirit filled, righty divided, expository Preaching of God's Word will so affect the Family that it will also affect the Nation.

So, in that case, I like this saying better,     As goes the Church, so goes the Family; and as goes the family, so goes the nation.

If more families attended Bible Preaching Churches with Spirit Filled Preaching,  and they allowed God to do His work in them through the Preaching,  this nation would change for the better.

If the Church fails in her command to lead people to God's agenda through winning souls for Christ and teaching the values and principles of the Bible,  then we have failed!   And the family will suffer, and the nation will suffer.

We are an Old Paths, New Testament, Independent Baptist Church.  We don't claim to be perfect or to know everything, we just love Jesus and want to be a blessing to others. Come and join us for Church at Faith Baptist in Attica.

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