The preaching of the Scriptures is vital to the salvation of a sinner and the growth of a saint.   Without preaching the world will remain in ignorance of God's love toward sinners. The message of salvation/the gospel is still the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes.   Without preaching the saints will wander.   Preaching the promises of God give people the opportunity to have a joy-filled life. 

Sunday School

Every Sunday morning at 10 all ages gather in their respective classes to hear a teaching lesson from the Scriptures.    We are currently in a 4 year study course from the beginning to the end.    There is no membership required to attend our classes,  everyone is welcome.


We believe that music is powerful and has a moral bias.   Therefore Church music should be bent to glorify God.  During each service we attempt to have inspiring music through congregational singing and specials.  We strive to recognize that Jesus is our Audience.

The Great Commission

We are committed to fulfilling the command of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.  We cant all travel around the world so we support ministries throughout the world and in our own country through evangelism and church planting and ministry helps.   We currently support 30 ministries around the globe.

Children’s Ministries

Children are a gift from the LORD and dear to the hearts of their parents.  They are the future of our nation and the future of the church.  We have a committed teaching staff that loves to impart biblical truths on Sunday Mornings to nurture them.  The church does not replace the home or the parents but reinforces what godly parents teach in the home.


The nursery is a much needed and appreciated ministry, our staff of ladies provide nursery for every service,  ages 0-3.

One on One Discipleship

Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples.  That is not only leading people to a saving knowledge of Jesus but continuing to meet with them to establish them in the faith in their homes if they will allow it.     If someone is willing and interested the pastor will visit at scheduled meeting times to poor over the Scriptures in a more personal setting.